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Picture+ Hao-Tien (Lewis) Chiang
PhD Student

Adaptive Motion Planning Research Group
Department of Computer Science
Mailing address:
Mail stop: MSC01 1100
1 University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
office: L215A ECE
telephone: 505-277-8912
fax: 505.277.6927

I got my BS degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Physics at the National Taiwan University. He first joined the University of New Mexico as a PhD student in Physics and worked on developing Quantum Algorithms for 3 years. I then transfered to the PhD program in Computer Science at UNM in Spring 2015 under the supervision of professor Lydia Tapia.

My research focuses on motion planning under uncertainty and reinforcement learning in high dimenstional space. In particular, planning in environments with stochastically moving obstacles and robot sensing error. I also work on reinforcement learning for motion based robotic tasks.

CV:   pdf

 Projects: Moving Obstacle Avoidance |  Adaptive Quadrotor Control |  Human-Automation Collaboration