CS 341l, Fall 2007, Crandall

Syllabus. Updated Schedule.

Final Grades
Histogram of overall grades
Histogram of grades on the final

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Instructions for using turnin script

HP_AppA.pdf - Appendix A with MIPS and SPIM info, restricted to class members.
vodacess.pdf - Video on Demand Access, restricted to class members.

Supplemental Readings

For Thursday 30 Aug:
x86 Manuals

Homework handouts

Homework #4

Keys for tests

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4


Lab 2 Lab 3 Lab 4 Lab 5 Lab 6 Lab 7 Lab 8 (link for Lab 8)
Lab 9 (Full version of disassembly, which you shouldn't need, lab9assemblydump.txt)
Lab 10, links

Lab 11, heap_overflow.c, heapoverflow.asm, output, link