CS 341l, Fall 2009, Crandall

Syllabus is here, lab policies are here, and Google calendar is here.

The TA blog is at http://www.cs.unm.edu/~jeffk/cs341lab/

Final grades are here.

Grades as of 15 December are here.

Test 4 key is here.

Homework 4 key is here.

The slides for the December 2nd lecture on history are here in PowerPoint and here as a PDF.

Homework 4 is here.

The test 3 key is posted here.

Grades as of 10 November are here.

Grades as of 19 October are here.

The test 2 key is posted here.

Homework 3 key is here.

Homework 3 is posted here, due Monday 5 October at 10:00am.

Grades as of 24 September are here, and the test 1 key is here.

The homework 2 key is posted here.

Homework 2 is posted here and the grades as of 8 September are posted here.

HP appendix A from the old edition is here and a couple of old documents that might help you figure out the ITV system are here and here, and the new link about the ITV VOD system is http://mts.unm.edu/vod.htm.

To join the mailing list you must go to http://mail.cs.unm.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/cs341l and add your e-mail address, and then be sure to respond to the e-mail requesting confirmation.

More info to come soon. For now, the required text is Patterson and Hennessy 4th edition (4th edition is required, CD is not necessary if you can find a used copy):


Make sure you buy the undergraduate version titled "Computer Organization and Design," not the graudate version that has a different title. We'll pull some material from the graduate version, but you don't need the gradute version of the book unless you have $60 to spend and are really interested in computer architecture. They're two different books, so you can't substitute the graduate version for the undergrad, but if you like architecture it's good to have both.

Here as some of the labs that are planned for this semester (subject to change):