X 11 Port-forwarding In Galles

Courtesy from Matt Leter

For anyone looking to use Galles and mahout to make graphs. Galles supports X11 port forwarding! Here's a quick little guide to get it working.


X11 environments on both the local and remote machine (see man X). Ensure network access for X11. In Mac OS X on X11 Quartz check the authorization and client access options under Preferences in the Security pane.

Enable X11 Forwarding with the “X11Forwarding yes” option set in “/private/etc/sshd_config” for your SSH Daemon own local X11 host in order to receive X11 client request back from the remote machine through ‘ssh‘ with the -X option set.

Start or restart the Remote Login (SSH) Service under System Preference / Sharing pane on Mac OS X. The SSH daemon should run on the remote machine as well! See “man ssh”, “man ssh_config” and “man sshd_config” for the complete explanation.

3 Simple Steps to X11 Forward on Mac OS X

  • 1. Open “Terminal” in Mac OS X Leopard.
  • 2. ssh -X X11 Forward to your remote host (See “man ssh” for the use of the -X or -Y flag X11 forward): ssh -X
  • 3. Start your remote X11 program and view the user display on your local machine:


Voila it works! The X application will start up your X11 environment.

full tutorial