Forum to Address Scalable Technology for runtime and Operating Systems

This page was last modified on 7/28/07

Welcome to the FAST-OS Web pages. If you have questions, send them to Barney Maccabe.


Mailing List

The FAST-OS mailing list is used to announce activities and to provide information. The link provides access to the mail list archive and to subscription services for the list.

Upcoming events

Birds of a Feather at SC '07 in Reno.

We have applied for a BOF at SC'07, lookk for more information when we get a confirmation.

This workshop will include presentations from the research projects funded under the FAST-OS program. Participation from the borader OS research community is encouraged. If you are interested in making a presentation at this meeting, send mail to Barney Maccabe.


Previous activities

Agenda and Talks from the 2007 PI Meeting and Workshop (June 18 & 19; Santa Clara, CA)

Agenda and Talks from the 2006 PI Meeting and Workshop (May 30 & 31; Boston, MA)

SC 2005 BOF

Agenda for June 9&10 PI Meeting/Workshop (2005)

Program summary as of February 2005 -- this is a talk that Barney Maccabe gave at a workshop in February 2005 (in pdf, in powerpoint, or keynote2)

Slides from SC 2004 BOF: powerpoint or pdf

Agenda for July 9&10 Workshop (2003). Includes photos and talks. Final report

Agenda for July 9&10 Workshop (2002) Includes photos and talks.

Report from second workshop