dfield and pplane

the java versions

The java versions of dfield and pplane contain most of the features of the original MATLAB versions. Click on the appropriate button below to download and run the dfield or pplane Java application.

dfield.jar After downloading, find the directory where you saved dfield.jar and double-click on the downloaded file. Alternatively, run dfield from the commend line with the command: java -jar dfield.jar

An alpha version of the updated pplane will be posted here soon.

Note: dfield and pplane both require the Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or newer.

The MATLAB versions of the programs dfield and pplane are described in some detail in the manual Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB by John Polking and David Arnold. The java versions are modelled after the MATLAB versions, so the descriptions in the Manual should suffice to explain the use of the java versions. The Manual is published by Prentice Hall.

Several textbooks on differential equations refer to and use dfield and pplane. Among them are Differential Equations and Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems by John Polking, Albert Boggess, and David Arnold. They are published by Prentice Hall.

Legal stuff
dfield and pplane are copyrighted in the name of John Polking. They are not in the public domain. However, they are being made available free for use in educational institutions. This offer does not extend to any application that is made for profit. Users who have such applications in mind should contact John Polking.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would contact John Polking, and tell him how you are using dfield and pplane, what level of course you are teaching, how many students you have, and what you think of the programs. If you acknowledge your use of the programs in this way you will be informed as new versions are released. Since changes are made as bugs are discovered and corrected and as good, new ideas are implemented, this will occur a few times each year.
John C. Polking polking@rice.edu