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I'm originally from upstate New York. I'm required to mention the 'upstate' part by those in the other New York. It makes for pretty driving in the fall, as the maple foliage is fantastic, but I've run away from the northeast as I can't deal with the gloom.

In a quest for warmth, sunshine, and grits I headed south to the great state of Arkansas for some proper corporal punishment filled education at Hendrix College. As it turns out, Hendrix was a liberal haven and I received no spankings. I was however offered a wife, a year long trip to England, and my first taste of alcohol.

Shelly (that's the wife) and I then decided to continue on with our adventures out west. As Stephanie Forrest's lab is so incredibly interesting, UNM is where we chose to go. Our secondary goal was to wind up somewhere 'different.' We have succeeded. New Mexico offers the same comforts of life found elsewhere in the country, but it provides so much more! Like roaches, black widows, scorpions, and rattle snakes. Well, we can deal with those demon spawn because it's worth it.

On our first trip to NM a friend of ours who had also attended Hendrix began the morning with an over-exaggerated stretch, a yawn, and a smile as he spake unto us: "yep, another beautiful day." And so it was. In fact, you can count on a beautiful day in New Mexico. Can you do that elsewhere? No. Do you need green to survive? No. Do you need abundant sunlight to survive? Yes. New Mexico wins.

So now we're in Albuquerque. Shelly has finished a Masters in Education but has decided that playing with chemicals is more fun than playing with children and she's working on a Chemical Engineering degree. Her undergraduate degree is in English, which unfortunately lands oneself a lack of a job. Come on people, we need more positions in the world for the more eloquent among us.

Meanwhile, I am in the 20th grade and doing fine. My advisor is Stephanie Forrest and we have recently been collaborating with Jennfer Rexford on BGP security and analysis.

There you have it. Oh, I also have a dog named Maya. She's pretty cute. Except when she smells. She's pretty good at that whole smelly thing too. Ah well. At least she keeps the deadly spiders away while I hide in the bathroom.

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