Spring Semester 1998


The Not-For-Credit Seminar


CS591/691 Section 002


Organized by George Luger, FEC 325, 277-3204


Every Friday, 12:00 to 1:00 in room FEC 141

(Bring your lunch or join in a group lunch after)


Topics to be arranged within the seminar members but usually focus of issues in artificial intelligence, cognitive science and intelligent systems. The level of difficulty will be MS - PhD, with attendees often presenting material related to their dissertations. The only qualification for admission to the seminar is that you read the material beforehand and enter the discussions. Material for each week is available the week before from top of file cabinet just outside office FEC 325.


23 January, 1998: Introduction to research topics and Spring Semester presentations, presented by George Luger


Bring your potential topics and research ideas to this organizational seminar.



The following schedule is tentative and may be changed as we move through the semester:


30 January, 1998: Chapter 1 of Pearl. 1988: Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Networks of Plausible Inference, discussion led by Carl Stern; copies available from George Lugerís office.