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Homework Assignments (CS 351 Fall 1999)

Assignment 5: Debugging

Due Date: Thursday, December 2, at the start of class


Fix the file system program that was sent to the CS 351 mailing list. You should try to minimize the number of changes that you make to the code and try to match the coding style (such as it is). You should not extend the program -- just make sure that it works. That is, it should produce the correct results.

Assignment 4: Restaurant Automation

Due Date: Thursday, November 11, at the start of class


Working with a partner, complete the analysis and design steps for a simple computing system that automates restaurant bills. You should turn in:

You must work with a partner and it must be a different partner than you worked with on the first exercise.

Assignment 3: Reference counts and deep copy

Due Date: Tuesday, November 9, at the start of class


Convert the expression tree class that was sent to you in email from deep copy to using reference counts.

Using the second representation (that was also sent in email), provide a version that uses deep copy and another that uses reference counts.

Assignment 2: Kernighan and Pike, Chapter 1

Due Date: Tuesday, September 14, at the start of class


Write answers to Exercises, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Assignment 1: Course Registration System

Due Date: Thursday, September 9, at the start of class


Working with exactly one other person, develop a complete set of CRC cards for a course registration system. In addition, develop a class diagram for the objects that you have identified along the lines of Figure 5.18 on page 104 of Horstmann.

Your classes should support the following uses of the registration system: