Tentative Project Schedule for CS 552
Spring 1996

For the most part, your grade in this class will be based on your performance on a term project. Your project must be related to compiler construction and should address a topic that is not directly covered in the undergraduate compiler class.

You are not expected to develop novel approaches or produce new results. Your project could involve reproducing a result reported in the literature, or applying a tool to a new environment.

The term project consists of four parts: selecting a project, doing the work associated with the project, writing up a report on the project, and presenting your project to the class. You will be graded on all four parts.

All interim reports should be in ASCII and should be turned in using email (maccabe@cs.unm.edu). You report should be at most 72 characters per line and at most 60 lines per page. Except the first page, each page should start with a form feed character (control L).

Initial Topic Selection
End of week 3 (2/2/96). 1 page write up identifying a project area. This write up should give a brief description of the (expected) area for your project. You should not spend any verbiage telling me what you want to do, just describe the area. You should be able to crib this report from standard textbooks.
Initial Project Identification
End of week 5 (2/16/96). 2 page write up identifying your project. This write up should refine the description in the previous write up and give an initial description of the project you plan to work on. Again, you shouldn't need much more than a text book or two to write this up
Project Description
FStart of week 9 (3/18/96). 4-6 page write up describing your project. This write up should include background on the area you plan to work in and a clear description of your project. in writing this report, you should have read at least 2 papers.
Weeks 12, 13, 14, and 15 (4/8/96 - 5/1/96). In-class presentations of your project. You should prepare a 30 minute presentation of your project. This presentation should give an overview of the project area, a description of your project, and a discussion of any results you have at the time of the presentation.
Final Report
Start of Finals week (5/6/96). 10-15 page (not counting bibliography or appendices) Final report. This report should be typeset and should be turned into me by 5:00pm on Monday 5/6/96. Your report should include a background section, a section describing the specifics of your project, a results section, and a conclusions section. The background section should describe previous work in this area. The section describing your project should include an overview of the code you wrote for this project (the code should be in an appendix). The results section should summarize the results of your project. Finally, the conclusion section should discuss the importance of your results and suggest further areas for study.

552 project / Jan 27, 1996 / maccabe@cs.unm.edu