Ortholattices in Terms of the Sheffer Stroke

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A 3-basis for ortholattices in terms of the Sheffer stroke.

    f(x,f(f(y,z),f(y,z))) = f(y,f(f(x,z),f(x,z))).  % A_SS
    f(f(x,x),f(x,y)) = x.                           % B_SS
    f(x,f(x,x)) = f(y,f(y,y)).                      % ONE_SS
These two Otter jobs show that this basis is definitionally equivalent to the (join/meet/complement) OL basis { AJ, B1, DM, CC, ONE }.
    otter < OL-SS.in > OL-SS.out
    otter < OL-SS-2.in > OL-SS-2.out
These three Mace2 jobs show that { A_SS, B_SS, ONE_SS } is independent.
    mace2 -N6 -p < OL-SS-a.in > OL-SS-a.out
    mace2 -N6 -p < OL-SS-b.in > OL-SS-b.out
    mace2 -N6 -p < OL-SS-c.in > OL-SS-c.out