Constraint Satisfaction for First-Order Logic

This page has supporting files for a talk of the same name.

The Talk

Find non-commutative group.

mace4 -f > ncg.out
8-Queens puzzle, Version 1 (works for any number n)
mace4 -n8 -m -1 -f > queens1.out
8-Queens puzzle, Version 2 (works for any number n)
mace4 -n8 -m -1 -f > queens2.out
mace4 -n9 -m -1 -f > sudoku.out
Zebra Puzzle, Version 1
mace4 -n5 -m -1 -f > zebra1.out
Zebra Puzzle, Version 2
mace4 -n5 -m -1 -f > zebra2.out