Monique Morin's Homepage

I received my Ph.D. in 2007 from the University of New Mexico's department of Computer Science. My undergraduate work in Mathematics was completed at Cottey College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I participated in an undergraduate research program at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. As part of my migration to CS, I worked at SRA International and completed the (now inactive) Computer Science Re-entry Program at UC Berkeley.

Office Hours (room 508)

          Spring 2015 -- Unless Noted Otherwise Wed 9-10am, Thurs 9am-11am, and security gathering on Thurs 11am-noon


            Assistant Professor at UNM-Los Alamos. Frequently taught courses:

                    CS 101 Introduction to Computer Science (typically offered fall semester)
                    CS 102 Introduction to Linux/Unix (typically offered fall semester, sometimes spring semester)
                    CS 220 Systems Analysis and Design (typically offered every other spring semester)
                    CS 152L Computer Programming Fundamentals for CS Majors (in JAVA) (typically offered spring semester)
                    CS 251L Intermediate Programming (in Java) (typically offered fall semester)

Publications and Posters

            Bioinformatics Application Note
            ISMB Poster




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            SOE Convocation Student Address
            CIPRES All-Hands Meeting Talk 06
            Survey Results and Recommendations for Improving the Comprehensive Exam (UNM-CS, 2004) (request via email)