The Sixth Wyrd

89-12-01, 90-03-05, 90-09-06, 91-01-18, 01-10-29
I    I stand - a rose bereft of name
everyone knows a different me.
I've left my boyhood home behind
and journeyed far through shadows
Now I wander through the fog
the twilight of my life is gone
Heartbroken, aging, alone, I sing
I sing to myself
No one sings with me.
I'm a panther in the evening still
alone, deep in bitter lonliness
I hold you in my thoughts
cherished with all my heart
Am I wrong that I should want a companion?
Someone to share my live's journeys?
II    At midnight I am awake
reliving the moment when we met
I reach out to you across the years
to stand there by your side
to learn the meaning again...
My tears flow together with yours
my heart knows all...
was there a forever then?
I ache silently for you
suddenly I look up
and there you are
a being soft and gentle
I strain with all my heart
to break the bonds of time
containing my emotions
love beyond speech or tears.
III    My heart generous
I open myself
and share my vulnerabilities
Eyes meet... thoughts meet...
but we... we never meet
as lovers do.
I hear a promise echo
in the night so deep
so profound
One lover to the other
a familiar voice from the old days
I cannot forever promise you more than I am

Unnoticed, forgotten

within the riddles of evening.

IV    Hear it? The answer whispers a violent truth
cutting the heart like moonlight in the wilderness
She said she would never leave...

    She moved three paces through the myst
with tears of love
I let her know
I reached for her and she lowered her eyes
both knowing what was said
Then the emotion stopped
stood quiet
and still
this long I pondered
until the thought was undeniable
I did not gaze upon a woman...
V    On my own again
the snow and Myst don't fool me now
You've retreated into the distance
mine and yet not mine.
My spirit's friend
who was with me then
You can find shelter in my heart
when the fire just won't burn
Another phantom dance with you
and somehow nothing was missing
no reason for restraint
no looking back now
VI    Nearly did loving you too much
put a strain on you
I come to understand in disbelief
as that knowledge hammers home
Mute, friendless, known only to God
and wrestling with a strained emotion
I feel the shards pricking my heart
the calling of lions...
and my heart remembers...
    Your readiness to listen
joining us together
with a cord of light
We knew the voices deep inside
the wonderful feelings...
Magical whispers in the night...
You played Enya!

VII    Echoes of the past fill my mind
too much for my heart to bear
Allusions to forgotten conversations
float in from the dark recesses
of my mind
    My love isn't much, but while its there
you can have it
A voice, a promise from eternity

    I indulge my tortured heart
and wait
for the moment to pass
Only the other understands
the whisper of silent desire
within the calm of a winter storm.
VIII    Sleep sweet one, for dawn is in the sky

I face myself in the mirror at dawn
alone with haunted eyes
hiding from our sorrow
I long for your embrace
I am waiting for you

The wind howls like a wolf
telling me not to resist
sometimes love isn't there if you do
and drowning my emotions
in its own sad call.
IX    The waves lick at my frozen toes
as I stand beside our pond
greeting the sadness of my heart
with forgetful purity
as my tear drops fall.
© Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991, 2001 Sheppard <sheppard @ cs.unm.edu> Contact the author for publication permission.