The Seventh Wyrd

89-11-01, 01-10-29, 09-05-16
I I halt outside your door and peer within
a breeze blows past my face
moving through
Though you've been gone a day or two
the room retains your touch
your fragrance
Stepping into the open doorway
I regard the room within
its halflight
Closing my eyes, I feel as though
a part of you remained
when you left
to watch over your chamber
and welcome its visitors.
A presence fills the room... she knows me
and I sense her invitation
to step in and rest
but I remain in the doorway
and silently thank the watcher
for her consideration
the other so like another
I'll await her return.
Lingering, I've left a presence as well
waiting in the hall...
a Haruchai
a command is given - protect her
we've shared all
that makes us one another
and... I miss her
I open lonely eyes.
Like a Southwestern canyon
your room seems empty
except for echoes
on the floor the rug where we sat
and gazed into eachother's eyes
all the words that were said
our eyes telling more
and the feelings we shared
they were never voiced
did we leave them unspoken?
II Electric, you lift your face
capture my eyes
with a look
and I who believe in words - spoken and unspoken
listen to you in silence...
I understand
then I look away
and without a word...
you understand
Disconnected, I felt your eyes watching
as I turned
and walked into the hall
and then returned
drawn to the other
slow and hesitant
like an encounter on a lonely road
like the touch of your fingers
Like molassas in winter...
you turn and gaze into my eyes
and see...
they sing the same joy
the same love...
memories are made of this
and these are the things
a mind should hold.
III Opting to look into eachother's eyes,
we've set a precedent
for ourselves
as to which is more powerful
fear of discovery...
or fear of loss.
Voiceless words arrive in silence
both knowing what was said
is it safe to touch... to love?
It seems without a word between us
I joined you there...
love made itself understood.
IV    Ebon and blue
our nights and days touched us deeply
joined us forever
Ah, my heart... do not fear
I am right beside you
my proximity calms...
Dawn is but a few hours off
as we gently fall asleep
and side-by-side
we dream.
© Copyright 1989, 2001, 2009 Sheppard <sheppard @ cs.unm.edu> All rights reserved.