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What I believe is not set in stone, one must adapt to the world, as it is an ever changing place. When people all agree, the world stops becoming an ever changing place. A place that no longer changes has stopped moving. When something has stopped moving, it is effectively dead. Therefore there must always be diversity. Some agreement is necessary for society to cohere, but that agreement cannot be complete. If only for the fact that everyone's point of view is slightly different and language is a very rough expression, it cannot be complete. Language explains feelings about as well as a two dimensional drawing approximates life. Art can have a positive impact. It can express multitudes of things that are difficult to describe, and can even change one's views. Still, it only approximates life, it cannot begin to describe what life truly is, or what it is like to live, no matter how good it is. Writing is just another type of art. With what we write, we try to make a good approximation, but it will never come close. Once we realize this, we cease trying to find that perfect phrase that will never come. Instead, we finally realize that it is more important just to live, embracing the fact that no one will ever believe exactly as we do. We also realize that we would not want everyone to agree with us. If there is nothing new to discuss or no difference than life becomes terminally boring.

My life is a constantly evolving process, and basically, here are things about me that I don't normally tell people, and if you want to find out, you have to ask me.  Though, these are topics that are at the very heart of who I am, and therefore, I can talk for a LONG time about these topics.  I always work to become a better person, and actually spend a great deal of time that goal. Even though I could spend more time, I do what I can, which is really all that can be expected. These philosophies may change, and have several times.

Here is something that I have long thought of, and finally had the courage to write down. I say the courage to write down because most people, while they instinctively say that this is a good idea, they always come back with the fact of giving credit to people who do not deserve it, such as monsters throughout history, such as Hitler, or Aleister Crowley, who though they made terrible mistakes, and those mistakes should forever be condemned, also had interesting insights. So, here is the thought:

A message should always be evaluated not on the credit of the messenger, but instead on the credit of the message. In other words, if a person who is otherwise dispicible says, we should have a more peaceful world, should we instantaneously say, 'NO! You killed X million people! We should not give anything you say any thought!' The answer is most obviously no, we should perhaps listen to this person's ideas, for he may have done some bad things in the past, but he may actually have an idea worth listening to. So many people simply regard messengers on the merits of the messenger, and not on the merits of the message. This is truly a prejudice, in the true meaning of the word. The judge prematurely, based on previous knowledge. Unfortunately, many people do not believe that this is prejudice, as they are discriminating against the person's message on the basis of what they have previously done, and not on the basis of the message they are now extolling. So, on that note, I ask that you look on life with the view that perhaps, just because this person has done things which are foolish or annoying, or otherwise distasteful, even possibly horrific, that you at least give him or her the time to tell his or her message and to think about it. If it is a message which deserves to be disregarded, then by all means disregard it, but if it makes sense, then by all means give it further consideration. After all, who would have listened to a aging, german physicist that could not do ordinary algebra? By that token, I now leave you with a single note, that would otherwise be disregarded,

"Is it wrong for someone to emulate a fictional character to become a better person?" -- The Jedi Temple - Jedi V'Tor

A very brief (and unfinished) perspective on social interaction between men and women.

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Connectedness is an important topic when thinking about Karma, and so, here are my thoughts on that.


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