CPSC 564: Introduction to Database Management
Spring 2013
Project: Personal Database Application (PDA)

Source: Arthur Keller, CMPS 180, University of California Santa Cruz, Winter 2002, http://www.cse.ucsc.edu/classes/cmps180/Winter02/. Adapted for UNM CS Department.

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Your CS 564 programming project will be to build a substantial database application for a real-world domain of your choosing. You will design a schema on paper. Then, you will create an actual database using MySQL. You will populate the database, write interactive queries and modifications on the database, develop programs that manipulate the database, and explore other aspects such as constraints and triggers.

Part 1: Choose a project and design an E/R diagram. Due Mon, 2/4/13. extended to Wed 2/6/13

Part 2: Relational design. Due Mon, 2/27/13.

Part 3: Create database in MySQL. Due Fri, 3/29/13.

Part 4: Queries, updates, and indexes. Due Fri, 4/12/13.

Part 5: Embedded SQL. Due Wed, 5/1/13.

Part 6: Project Presentation. 5/1/13.

The project is worth 35% of your course grade, broken down like this: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are worth 5% each and part 5 is worth 10%.

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