Big Data & Big Computations

Data Analysis for Science and Medicine
We study distributed algorithms for large-scale applications that cannot use centralized storage. Our focus is on linear data transformations that enable distributed, and stream mining clustering and classification.
UNM Investigator:
 Trilce Estrada 
 U. of Delaware, Mind Research Network

Time Series Primitives
We explore algorithms for mining large time series datasets to extract primitive patterns and knowledge. Challenges include large volumes and high velocity of the data and algorithmic complexity. The project also aims at using primitive patterns to solve real world problems.
UNM Investigators:
 Abdullah Mueen
 Mind Research Network  

Modeling Molecular Assembly
In molecular assembly, molecules bind together to form functional structures. We study computationally feasible w to simulate this process while maintaining structural molec information. We focus on antibody aggregation, a primary factor in allergic response.
UNM Investigators:
 Lydia Tapia
 UNM Pathology