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January 12, 2010

Workshop: Nonlinear Dynamics of Networks

And finally, here's one more upcoming networks workshop. This one, I expect will be really good, in spite of the fact that I'll be presenting.

Nonlinear Dynamics of Networks

Date & Location: 5-9 April, 2010, in College Park, MD

Organizers: Michelle Girvan (UMD), Ed Ott (UMD), Raj Roy (UMD) and Eitan Tadmor (UMD)

Description: The interconnection of many dynamical units to form a complex system can lead to unexpected collective behavior. This dynamics depends upon both the individual characteristics of the participating units, as well as the topological character and properties of the network of their connections. This workshop will focus on gaining understanding of general principles and techniques of analysis that will be of broad use in the many applications where networked system dynamics is a significant issue. Another aim of the workshop will be to highlight particularly important examples of applications where the issue of network dynamics arises.

Understanding the dynamics of networked systems is becoming an increasingly important and essential component in many areas of science and technology. Examples include social networks, communication and computer networks, gene networks, networks of neurons, etc. Dynamics on such networks include such problems as synchronization of temporal behavior of units composing a network, robustness of function to network damage (either intended or unintended), etc. The dynamics of networks themselves (i.e., change of network topological structure with time) is also an essential issue in many cases. Examples of issues in this area include adaptive evolution of network topology, formation and growth of networks, etc.

It is intended that all of the above, as well as related issues, will be open for discussion at this workshop. The two overarching goals of the workshop will be

• To contribute to the understanding of common, basic principles of network dynamics, and
• To uncover useful general analysis techniques for the study of these systems

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See you there. I don't know if I'm presenting or not, but I hope so. It's possible I'll be there in an absorptive fashion.

Let me know if you need or want a roommate. I booked my hotel room yesterday.

Posted by: Mason Porter at January 13, 2010 05:54 PM