Adnan Bashir Ph.D Student & Research Assistant

Current Research

Working with Jed Crandall on OTF (Open Technology Fund) project. This project encapsulates the censorship study in Ecuador during 2017 Presidential Elections. My responsibilities are to crawl the Twitter feed along with all other information like followers, tweets etc. on regular basis and see how it changes during pre-election, election and post-election era. I am working on implementing some algorithms that will help us measure any possible censorship in Ecuador during that period on Twitter. Also we are detecting bots on Twitter that might be motivated for gaining popularity on Twitter and reach out to more audience.

Past Research

Worked with Michalis Faloutsos and Jed Crandall.My responsibilities were to analyze the Facebook friendship graph. That mainly included the declared friendship graph analysis along with its comparison with inferred friendship graph.

I have worked on Web Malware Analysis. I have designed an ML based classifier to distinguish between Born-malicious and compromised websites. The classifier was initially trained on the data provided by Semantec. I was working with Michalis Faloutsos on this project.