King of Cyberia

He morphs across networks
across patch cables
and Monitor screens
colour or black and white.

He steals in via backdoors
into the darbaars of his kingdom
holds court, dispenses justice
and the darbaar disappears.

He? or She?
or whatever?
is the king or queen
or whatever of Cyberia.

The land of wonders
of hidden dungeons
and magic numbers.

The funnel
the whirlpool
of Human aspirations.

The glorious green land
the magnificent castle
and the warm hearth
of bits and nibbles.

The evanescent palace
the long-lived basements
the dark underworld
the electric nether land.

The hot snow
the cold summers
on the psychedelic suns
of the universe of Cyberia.

The Sun in his left ear
the Universe on his fingertips
He pervades the kingdom
the whatever of Cyberia.

He morphs every nanosecond ...
All hail
the king or queen
or whatever of Cyberia.