Drive Away

I drive down the highway
winds hit hard but I do not slow
These are long roads
that have nowhere to go

I up the gear on my stick shift
my car purrs in obedience
at the touch of my feet
like a river flowing to an ocean

my space is getting hotter
I have no airconditioner
The air is getting weird
filled with somebody's fragrance

I put on a CD of hindi songs
songs more touching never were heard
poetry, love, passion and pains of seperated lives
but she does will not understand a single word

The songs would play in a void
not a single string of the heart they would touch
though the air that touched them would cry
for whom they were meant, never would they be heard

The night sky in filling with darkness
less to the stars but to the dark clouds it plays host
was there meaning to the paths of living, death and existence?
is there meaning to that tilted yellow taillight, that rhmobus speedpost?

Why did she have to go?