Andree Jacobson

Senior Lecturer (Past)

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Contact Information

I have relocated and no longer work at UNM. You can still reach me at the email address listed below if you want to get a hold of me.


Email address

If you took one of my classes and would like to leave a comment you can do so here at

You may also wish to visit my personal web page.

Teaching history

Spring 2017: CS442/542
Spring 2016: CS341
Spring 2010: CS152, CS251, CS341
Fall 2009: CS152, CS241, CS251
Spring 2009: CS152, CS251, CS341
Fall 2008: CS152, CS241, CS251
Spring 2008: CS152, CS251, CS341
Fall 2007: CS152, CS241, CS251
Spring 2007: CS152, CS251, CS341
Fall 2006: CS152, CS241, CS251
Summer 2006: CS152
Spring 2006: CS152, CS241, CS251
Fall 2005: CS152, CS251

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