Student Projects

These are some projects from my CS 491/591 ECE 495/595 class from Spring 2014. I gave three assignments and a final project for which eaeach student submitted a proposal.

Assingment 1 (ungraded) Implement twist on a triangle. Twist is a rotation

Note some links may not exist since students may not have kept their accounts or work.

Assignment 2 Zach Friedland implementated a CSG modeler

Assignment 3: Rubik's Cube by Luke Balaordo

Stephen Harding implemented a function plotter. It allows the user to enter a function and then display it either in two or three dimensions

Brady Key did a very nice implementation of Rubik's cube with the ability to texture map dies to the faces and to change the size of the cube

Trevor Corriveau did an animated Voronoi diagram. The vertices move randomly and the algorithm is executed entirely in the fragment shader