International Rock Art Database Project

Project Introduction

We are currently developing a computerized database system for the storage and analysis of rock art data with the support of the National Park Service, the Sandia Pueblo and the Chamisa Foundation. We are working in cooperation with Dr. Bruno David at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Queensland in Australia who works under the auspices of the Australian Rock Art Research Association (AURA) (member of IFRAO). This project is a major, international collaborative endeavour currently centred at the University of New Mexico, USA, and the University of Queensland, Australia, and involves a large team of rock art specialists, archaeologists and computer scientists. In addition, some of the fieldwork research undertaken and rock art data collected for this project have been accomplished under the 'Aboriginal Origins' Earthwatch Project. Please read our project outline.

Request for Comments

We here elicit comments from interested rock art specialists on our International Rock Art Database Project. We note that our two major public means of communication on this project are the WWW and Rock Art Research, IFRAO's international journal outlet. Some of the comments received on the WWW may be published in a special section of Rock Art Research. Please send comments to Bruno David, or Henry Walt, or John Brayer,

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