Patrick Bridges's Research

I conduct research in a variety of different areas and people as part of the UNM Scalable Systems Laboratory, particularly in work on Scalable System Software and Resilience. Below is a list of current projects I'm currently working on and my current and former students and postdocs.

Current Projects

  • The Hobbes exascale operating system is a new operating system that UNM is working on along with researchers from Sandia National Labs, Georgia Tech, the University of Pittsburgh, Northwestern University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and a variety of other areas. Scheduling and resource allocation for these systems is a key area in which we're currently focusing.
  • Rollback avoidance-based resilience for HPC systems is research project that examines the effectiveness of techniques that work around failures to continue execution in next-generation HPC systems, as opposed to recovering from failures by reverting to previous states.
  • MPI power and concurrency optimization
  • Performance engineering for HPC system software research looks at systematic ways to design and optimize software for HPC systems, using principled engineering techniques, including stochastic modeling, numerical optimization, and queueing theoretic techniques.
  • System sofrware for secure, scalable distributed computing research is examining software architectures that allow programmers to leverage new hardware mechanisms like the Intel SGX hardware capabilities to build software that is both secure from outside tampering and performs well both on single systems and when scaled up to distributed and cloud systems of hundreds or thousands of cores.

Current Students

Former Postdocs and Students

  • Jean Charles Tournier, Postdoc 2005-2007, Research Engineer at CERN
  • Patrick Widener, Postdoc 2005-2007, UNM Research Associate Professor and Sandia Staff Member
  • Zheng Cui, Ph.D. 2013, VMWare
  • Kurt Ferreira, Ph.D. 2011, Sandia National Labs
  • Donour Sizemore, Ph.D. 2011, Two Sigma Investments, Inc.
  • Manjunath Gorentla Venkata, Ph.D. 2010, Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Ricardo Villalon, Ph.D. 2012, Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Julie Zhu, Ph.D. 2007, Wellkeeper, Inc.
  • Ahmad Douglas, M.S., Los Alamos National Lab
  • Sushant Sharma, M.S., Brookhaven National Lab
  • Philip Soltero, M.S., Tau Technologies
Information for propective students can be found on the SSL student information page.