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Current Projects:
   Working at Blacklocus

Past Projects:
   Worked at FactSet on a variety of tools     Worked at Intel with in their Flex Services group on embedded security software and device drivers Intel.
    Worked in the federal group for HP, contracted by Ron Oldfield for merging disksim with sst at Sandia National Laboratories.
    Completed a Masters of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico

    Worked at the federal group for HP, contracted by Lee Ward for Scalable IO at Sandia National Laboratories.
    Completing a Bachelors of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico
    Completing a Bachelors of Chemical Engineering at the University of New Mexico
    Working as a Software Engineer at VanDyke Software
    Creating a square platinum molecule with 4h symmetry

Embedded Past Projects:
    Cooperative Motor Control (completed).
    Self-Scaling Self-Aware File System (worked on, but not completed).

    Fabricating stainless steel parts for MEMs
    Alternative Molds for Micromolding
    A TraceTool for Catamount on Redstorm.
    Detailed analysis of I/O traces of large scale applications HiPC 2009.

Computer-Related Links:
   Differences between C90, C99, and C++
   The C Preprocessor
   More on the C Preprocessor
   C# tutorial
   Ruby tutorial
   COM reference(s)
   Another COM reference
   Kids Programming Language
   Kerberos and Pam Directives
   PHP helper
   extra-useful html quicklist
   A Java Tutorial
   HavocPennington's GTK Tutorial
   Computer Books En Masse
   GTK C Tutorial
   Basic Perl Command Page
   LDAP and PAM Setup
   A Useful Webpage with Links to almost Anywhere for Programming/basic Security stuff...
   NFSV4 Setup
   NFS Server Setup
   NFS Client Setup
   Kerberos Setup
   Pubcookie Setup
   A PowerPC emulator for PCs
   Setting up Apache with mod_auth_kerb
   Larry's useful blog
   Prolog References
   A GREAT Online Perl Reference
   Porting Modules from Apache 1.3 to Apache 2.0
   Installing mod_ssl on apache 1.3
   How to Build, Install, Secure and Optimize Apache 2.x
   SAML Tutorial
   How to Build RPMs
   Maximum RPM
   A Great C book
   Bourne Shell Programming including a table of arg evaluations
Bourne Shell Proramming
   More Bourne Shell Programming
   Fundamental Digital Electronics by Brian Lawless
   The Fink Project-useful for those with Mac OSX
   Pipeline Review
   Example Matlab codes by Van Loan
   Introduction to Dot, a postscript tree drawer
   Language Parser

Biology Class Links:
   Biology of Toxins home webpage

Art Links:
   Selina Fenech Art
   Jonathon Earl Bowser Art
   Nene Thomas Art
   A sick optical illusion
   Matthew Goodsell Art

Other Fun Links:
   Read Some Books
   And record their names

School Links:
   UNM Calendar
   UNM Directory
   Game Explanations and Papers

Pages of Friends et cetera:
   Erik Lee's Page
   Frank Swehosky's Page of Interesting Things
     *including amusing taglines
   Sam's "I'm bored" quotes page
   Cory Fiala
   Keith Wiley

Howtos on making things
   Knitting videos

New Mexico Laws
   Tenant and Landlord law

The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes.