CS 491/591: Computer Security and Privacy, Spring 2010

The syllabus is here, the lab policies are here, and the ethics form is here. The gradebook as of 5 May is here. Lab 3b is here.

Lab 2b is here. Jong's slides are here.

The gradebook as of 17 March is here, and a key for the midterm is here.

Lab 2a is here.

Lab 3a is here.

Lab 1 is here and the files you'll need are both here and placed in /opt/lab1stuff.tar on apollo.

the list of reading assignments is here, and the link to the Google calendar schedule for the class is here.

Here are links to join the mailing lists for the class:


Here are the syllabus and final in ciphertext, encrypted using this C++ code.

Instructions for accessing the video on demand recorded lectures are here.