CS 485/ECE 440/CS 585: Computer Networks, Fall 2011

The syllabus is here. The Google calendar should be embedded below, or you can find it here.

The writeup for parts 2 and 3 of lab 2 is here.

Grades as of 26 November are here and attendance so far is here.

The writeup for part 1 of lab 2 is here.

Some layer 3 routing instructions are here, in the PDF file.

A couple of pcap files we'll be looking at in class are here and here.

Midterm is here, and instructions for making up points on ambiguous questions is here. Lab 1, Part 1 is here, parts 2 and 3 are here.

My session from the Linux commands we went over in class is here. Some basic setup instructions for VirtualBox are here and the Ubuntu Sever 10.04.3 32-bit ISO image is here.

Attendance so far as of 28 October is here. Note that I didn't take attendance on the day of the midterm.

Some reading for the first week of class is here.

Here are links to join the mailing lists for the class: