CS 485/ECE 440/CS 585: Computer Networks, Fall 2012

The syllabus is here. Note that homework 1 is the last page of the PDF for the syllabus, so you can find it by opening the syllabus and scrolling down.

The lab 1 writeup is here, and part 3 setup instructions are here.

The setup instructions for Lab 1 are here and some VirtualBox instructions are here.

Homework 2 is here and the pcap files you need for it are here and here.

The "nets" mailing list is mandatory. The TAs and I will send important announcements about the class to that list, but only the three of us will send to the list. The "nets-chat" mailing list is highly recommended, all students can post there and it's a good place for discussion, questions your classmates might be able to answer, news related to computer networking, etc. Do NOT put the "nets" mailing list in digest mode when you sign up. Here are links to join the mailing lists for the class:


There is only one required textbook:


All other course materials will be freely available online, such as RFCs.

If you want to start preparing for the class I recommend downloading Wireshark and familiarizing yourself with various protocols such as Ethernet, ARP, IP, and TCP by reverse-engineering network traces.

Here is the Google calendar for the class: