CS 485/ECE 440/CS 585: Computer Networks, Fall 2013

Updated 2 december 2013: The lecture notes for tomorrow are available at cryptolecturenotes.pdf.
Updated 26 November 2013: Roya's slides from October 24th are available at Oct24.pdf.
Updated 8 November 2013: The assignment writeup for Lab 2 is available at lab2.pdf.
Updated 7 November 2013: The lecture notes from today are at security.pdf.
Updated 4 November 2013: The lecture notes for tomorrow are at linklayer.pdf and Homework 5 (due Thursday the 7th) is at hw5.pdf.
Updated 23 October 2013: Xu's slides and related files are available in the file xuspresentation.tar.gz. Also, read chapter 5 before October 29th.
Updated 16 October 2013: The lecture notes from yesterday are at routing.pdf.
Updated 7 October 2013: Be sure to read chapter 4 before next Tuesday (October 15th).
Updated 2 October 2013: The Lab 1 writeup is available at lab1.pdf.
Updated 2 October 2013: The tutorial on tc that Wanghui wrote up is available at TCtutorial.pdf.
Updated 1 October 2013: The midterm is available at midterm.pdf.
Updated 23 September 2013: The lecture notes for tomorrow are at designofexperiments.pdf.
Updated 18 September 2013: The lecture notes for tomorrow are at tcpcongestioncontrol.pdf.
Updated 17 September 2013: The lecture notes for today are at tcpbasics.pdf. Don't forget the midterm next week. By the end of the week this week you should be done with chapter 3 of the book in terms of reading.
Updated 12 September 2013: Homework 4, due next Friday the 20th, is at hw4.pdf and the data you need is at hw4data.ods. Don't forget to keep reading the book. You should be done with chapter 3 by the end of next week.
Updated 5 September 2013: Homework 3, due next Wednesday the 11th, is at hw3.pdf and the pcap file for it is at nmaphorizontal.pcap.
Updated 2 September 2013: We'll go over setting up your network in class, for reference some screencaps of my configuration are in basicnetsetup.png, interfaces.png, and interfaceconfig.png.
Updated 26 August 2013: Instructions for getting your VirtualBox setup started are at VirtualBoxInstructions.pdf. You should have your OSes installed and all the VMs running (but no need to set up the network except for the NAT interface) by the beginning of class on Tuesday, 3 September 2013.
Updated 26 August 2013: The pcap file for homework 2 is yahoo.cn.pcap, and the write-up of what you're supposed to do with it is in hw2.pdf. The due date is Friday, 30 August 2013 at 11:59pm.
Updated 21 August 2013: The lecture notes for tomorrow are at socketslecture.pdf. BTW, if you'd like to review and/or catch up on some of the basic concepts from 341, try borrowing, buying, or stealing this book from somewhere:
Updated 21 August 2013: Your TAs are Hosein Hamooni and Hui Wang (a.k.a. Wanghui, "William," or "流氓"). I'll write their email addresses on the board in class, or else email me and I'll put you in touch with them. Hosein's office hours are Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am to 10:45am and Monday/Wednesday 11:30am to 12:45pm. William's office hours are Monday 10:00am to 11:00am, Wednesday 11:00am to 12:00pm, and Friday 10:50am to 11:50am. Just a reminder: my own office hours are Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am to 10:45am. Hosein is in FEC 126, William is in FEC 342, and I'm in FEC 335, all in the Farris Engineering Center.

The syllabus is here. Note that homework 1 is the last page of the PDF for the syllabus, so you can find it by opening the syllabus and scrolling down. The things you'll need to read are available at:


The "nets" mailing list is mandatory. The TAs and I will send important announcements about the class to that list, but only the three of us will send to the list. The "nets-chat" mailing list is highly recommended, all students can post there and it's a good place for discussion, questions your classmates might be able to answer, news related to computer networking, etc. Do NOT put the "nets" mailing list in digest mode when you sign up. Here are links to join the mailing lists for the class:


There is only one required textbook:


All other course materials will be freely available online, such as RFCs.

If you want to start preparing for the class I recommend downloading Wireshark and familiarizing yourself with various protocols such as Ethernet, ARP, IP, and TCP by reverse-engineering network traces.

Here is the Google calendar for the class: