CS 491/491: Reverse Engineering, Spring 2016

Updated 14 April 2016: Lab 2 has been assigned, the writeup is here.

Updated 4 April 2016: Tony's link is here.

Updated 30 March 2016: Some interesting pcaps are here.

Updated 7 March 2016: The semester project has been assigned, the writeup is here.

Updated 25 February 2016: Lab 1 has been assigned, the writeup is here.

The syllabus is here.

Read these three things before class on Wednesday, February 3rd:


The "cs591security" mailing list is mandatory. We'll send important announcements about the class to that list, but only the three of us will send to the list. The "secpriv-chat" mailing list is highly recommended, all students can post there and it's a good place for discussion, questions your classmates might be able to answer, news related to reverse engineering, etc. Do NOT put the "cs591security" mailing list in digest mode when you sign up. Here are links to join the mailing lists for the class:


There is one REQUIRED textbook: