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I have several software packages that I am distributing. You can get them by clicking on these links. They are all tarred and gzipped. In Netscape click on them with Shift-Button-1 and they will be fetched as files rather than as text.
Simple Operating System, Code and MIPS Simulator
This is code to support my operating system book. It includes the operating system code and a MIPS simulator system to run it on.

The current version not quite ready yet.

This is a program that allows you to record a sequence of user actions in a Tcl/Tk program, record the script and replay it at a later time. It is useful for regression testing and demonstrations. It requires Tcl7.4 and Tk4.0 or above.

The current version is TkReplay1.1. The README is TkReplay1.1.README (7K)

The distribution is TkReplay1.1.tar.gz (84K)

There is also a version that works for Tk3.6 but it is missing many of the features of the 1.1 version. The distribution is TkReplay0.40.tar.gz (52K)

Point text editor
This is a full featured text editor written entirely in Tcl/Tk. I have been working on this editor for several years and recently moved it to Tcl/Tk. It requires Tcl 7.4 and Tk 4.0.

The README is point2.0.README (17K).

The distribution is point2.0.tar.gz (176K).

WarpPointer Tk Extension
This is a small extension to Tk that defines a new command that will warp (that is, move) the mouse pointer. It requires Tcl 7.5 and Tk 4.1.

The README is WarpPointer1.1.README (3K).

The distribution is WarpPointer1.1.tar.gz (14K).

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Last modified on 27 June 1996