8th CS UNM Student Conference (CSUSC 2012)

Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium (CEC 1041), University of New Mexico

April 24th, 2012

Paper abstracts , Conference proceedings

Paper Presentations 9:00 Dewan Ibtesham Shafi On the Viability of Compression for Reducing the Overheads of Checkpoint/Restart-based Fault Tolerance
9:15 Antonio M. Espinoza Work-in-progress : Automated Named Entity Extraction for Tracking Censorship of Current Events
9:30 Soumya Banerjee Quantication of Uncertainty in Parameters Characterizing Within-Host West Nile Virus Infection
Short break 9.45
10:00 Kimberly Kanigel Winner Ovarian cancer relapse: micro-carcinomas growing from microscopic residual disease vary in form with peritoneal niche
10:15 Nick Malone Implementation of an Embodied General Reinforcement Learner on a Serial Link Manipulator
10:30 Benjamin M. Gordon Progress in Spoken Programming
Short break 10.45
Faculty candidate talk11:00Stephen CheckowayMotors, Voters, and the Future of Embedded Security
(Stamm Conference Room)
CSGSA presentation1:30Roya EnsafiTBA
1:40 Chayan Chakrabarti Enriching Chatter Bots With Semantic Conversation Control
Keynote speaker2:00Dan WallachSecurity architectures for smartphones
3:00 Michael Janes Life Won’t Wait! (On the Slowdown of Asynchronous Automata Networks)
3:15 Joshua Hecker Formica ex Machina: Ant Swarm Foraging From Physical to Virtual and Back Again
3:30Mahnush Movahedi Mahnush Movahedi Breaking the O ( nm ) Bit Barrier: Secure Multiparty Computation with a Static Adversary
Short break 3.45
4:00 Sunny FugateThese go to eleven: Cranking up the knobs on IDS scaling performance
4:15 Yaojia Zhu Oriented and Degree-generated Block Models: Generating and Inferring Communities with Inhomogeneous Degree Distributions
4:30 Neal HoltschulteOptimal Population Size in Island Model Genetic Algorithms
Short break 4.45
5:00 Benjamin Edwards Internet Topology over Time
5:15 Jeffrey Knockel Three Researchers, Five Conjectures: An Empirical Analysis of TOM-Skype Censorship and Surveillance
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