CS 591/491 - Object-Oriented Language Implementation

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    Darko Stefanovic
    Office: FEC 345C
    Email: darko@cs.unm.edu
    Phone: +1 505 2776561; Fax: +1 505 2776927
    Office hours: Mon 3-3:50

Class schedule:
    Seminar meetings:  we'll agree on the time at the beginning of the semester

Class Documents: 
(You may download and print these documents for use
in the UNM CS 591/491 class, but not otherwise.)

General information files
  • Syllabus (Postscript) (PDF)
  • Jalapeņo home page
  • Jikes RVM Home Page
  • Project-related files
  • Jikes RVM User Guide (PostScript) (PDF)