I try to do everything in LaTeX (because it is easier for me to use my Linux laptop and because Word is not designed for writing academic papers). Here are some files that I have found useful. Go to CTAN or UK TeX FAQ if you need more help with LaTeX.


I use the a0poster.cls for making posters in LaTeX. I run pdflatex, which generates nice pdfs with the right fonts. The pdf can be e-mailed to Kinko's, which will scale and print it for you.

Here are the poster class file and source for a sample poster.


I use the foils.cls for making slides in LaTeX. I use pdflatex to generate pdfs, which I display in full screen mode in acroread. I use regular latex to generate PostScript files for printing, although you can print the pdfs also.

Here are the slide class file and source for sample slides.

To produce 4-up handouts, I include the following lines in the latex preamble:

The "border shrink" parameter might require adjusting.

ACM SIGCHI conference class

I wrote a paper for CHI 2001 (the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) in LaTeX. The organizers only supplied a Microsoft Word template, so I adapted the UIST 99 LaTeX style file to meet CHI formatting specifications. CHI 2002 adopted my chi2001.sty file, but in 2003 they went back to supplying only a Word template. However, the CHI 2002 style file was used by the publishers of the 2003 proceedings. The LaTeX style files from 2001-2003 might still be useful, but they only work with LaTeX 2.09. I have developed LaTeX 2e class files for CHI 2004 and 2005, and the 2005 class file became the official LaTeX format.


I use latexdiff to show changes between different versions of a LaTeX document. You give it the names of the old and new versions, and it produces a LaTeX file that highlights the differences between the documents by underlining in blue the insertions, crossing out in red the deletions, and marking all these with changebars in the margin.

Custom bst files

Run "latex makebst". I used this to make: