V1 Virtual Display

Copyright 2003-2005 Dolphin M Hawkins
v0.9.3.4, 11/10/2006


The V1 Virtual Display, ExitZer0, and myself are in no way affiliated with Valentine Research Inc. This software and the described hardware are for use at your own risk. Incorrectly wiring the V1 to your computer could damage the V1, your computer, or your car. By using this software you agree that the author cannot be held in any way liable for damages resulting from its use.


V1 Virtual Display is a software application designed to work in combination with the Valentine OneŽ Radar Locator from Valentine Research Inc.


What the V1VD can do that the V1 can't:




Skins are located in the skin folder underneath the application directory. Each skin must have its own directory, and contain a filecalled skin.xml. The documentation for the format is contained within the default skin (V1). An optional preview image can be provided for each skin. The image must have the same name as the skin, be in gif format, and reside in the skins directory. This image is displayed in the options menu, and on the website.


Themes can either reside in the a skin's directory, or in the theme folder.

Future Plans:

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