libmut is an implementation of the MUT III protocol used by Mitsubishi diagnostic tools. The library supports the OpenPort OBD-II cable.

Official Builds

Mac OSX (universal)

MacLogger-2.01: [DMG.GZ](leopard only): Dec 7, 2007

This is a bugfix release only.

MacLogger-2.0: [DMG.GZ]: July 7, 2007

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and not preface this release with any special disclaimer. I believe it is fully ready for production use by the general public. It does, however, lack two features folks may be interested in. It does not support multibyte requests and it does not support requests that are computed as the result of other requests. The latter is highly nontrivial to implement, but will be available in service releases. Enjoy!


libmut is written in ANSI C in order to be small, fast, and support a variety of platforms. It does, however, require that the system have support for the FTDI driver required by the OpenPort cable. It is known to work on the following systems:

In addition the the C interface, a Swig configuration is provided. A makefile to build a fully functional Python module is provided, along with a test program.

The code is available by CVS from sourceforge:

Checkout module: libmut


Several demos are included in the source distribution.