Diane Oyen


Multivariate time series data compiled from the USGS Streamflow database.



Postdoctoral Research Associate

Space Data Systems

Los Alamos National Lab

Mentor, Reid Porter

doyen at cs dot unm dot edu

Research InterestS

I develop machine learning methods that help scientists to understand complex data. 


Professional Activities

Select Publications

D. Oyen and T. Lane, “Bayesian Discovery of Multiple Bayesian Network Structures via Transfer Learning,” ICDM, 2013.

D. Oyen and T. Lane, “Leveraging Domain Knowledge in Multitask Bayesian Network Structure Learning,” AAAI, 2012.

D. Oyen, E. Eaton and T. Lane, “Inferring Tasks for Improved Network Structure Discovery”, The Learning Workshop, Snowbird, 2012.

D. Oyen, “Active Learning of Transfer Relationships for Multiple Related Bayesian Network Structures,” IEEE ICDM Workshops, 2011.

D. Oyen and T. Lane, “Exploiting Task Relatedness for Multitask Learning of Bayesian Network Structures,” Technical Report , www.cs.unm.edu/~treport/tr/10-04/paper-2011-02.pdf, 2011.

D. Oyen and T. Lane, “Exploiting Task Relatedness to Learn Multiple Bayesian Network Structures,” Technical Report, www.cs.unm.edu/~treport/tr/10-04/paper-2010-08.pdf, 2010.

E. Besada-Portas and D. Oyen, “Redes Bayesianas,” in Aprendizaje Automatico: Un Enfoque Practico, Ra-Ma, 2010.  

Courses Taught at UNM

Honors 302-005: How to Lie with Statistics: Uses and Misuses of Numbers in Argument

    Course website


PhD, Computer Science, University of New Mexico

    Dissertation: Interactive Exploration of Multitask Dependency Networks (link)

    Advisor, Terran Lane

BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University