Drew Levin

  • PhD Candidate
  • Department of Computer Science, UNM
  • Contact: drew<at>cs.unm.edu

  • Ferris Engineering Center 355D
  • University of New Mexico
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131

  • My CV

Research Interests

Computer architecture is becoming more and more distributed. Processors now come with multiple cores and many applications now offload computation onto 'cloud' servers. To adapt to this new paradigm, we will need to develop new approaches to algorithmic design. To do so, I turn to nature for inspiration. My research focuses on autonomous distributed search processes in nature, with the goal of bringing the lessons learned from these biological examples of search back into the realm of computation.

I am also interested in the complex interactions that arise in situations of competitive co-evolution, also known as the Red Queen hypothesis. Examples of such systems include predatory-prey species co-evolution, organized team sports strategies, traditional games such as poker and bridge, economic trading systems, and political and military interactions. Along these same lines, I am interested in how non-linear combinations of simple rules and components can create systems that breed competition in unpredictable complex ways.



I have co-designed and taught a class, Probability for Scientists, and have also filled in as a guest lecturer and as a teaching assistant as needed.