ccr Home Page To make a face for yourself

  1. Bring up 'pixmaps' under the Edit menu.

  2. In the ID field, click in and type a name with a leading colon. if :name already exists, then New won't be enabled.

  3. Click New. I made a new image named :test-face.

  4. Draw the face.

  5. Click 'Put' to update :test-face from the pixmap editor image.

  6. There you go! That's it for the pixmap editor. Quit the pixmap editor from under 'Done'.

  7. Now focus on your soul, and hit Edit in the focus window menu bar.

  8. Find the _Visual,Image field.

  9. Very carefully, click left just to the right of the last characted in :newbie-face. The goal is not to jump to :newbie-face, but to be inside the keystoned region. Then rub out :newbie-face and type in :test-face.

  10. Then CLICK RIGHT on :test-face, to 'set' the new value you typed in.

  11. You did it! Then it's a good idea to pick Save DB from under the file menu, to save your changes.