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  • Mon Sep 1 11:07:25 2008 map now links to my preference, google maps instead of yahoo; removed resume dir since it was way out of date; added symbolic link, begin.html to index.html; updated this revision page. note: negdb link is still correct even though the site has moved from to cs server.
  • Thu Aug 29 11:09:25 2002 The heart goes home to Removed some other extraneous links on my cs home page. Note, thesis link now goes to esa.ackleyshack so i can see the logs. Resume is still on cs, password protected and unlinked.

  • Fri Sep 24 07:40:28 1999 Trying to make my resume less public: password protected and link removed -though some search engines have it cached, maybe eventually it will disappear.

  • Tue Jan 19 16:23:59 1999 Updated my ccr page to reflect the latest world, Rainbows on Sunset. Also updated the resume page last week to reflect coursework for Fall98 and the dorm project.

  • Mon Aug 11 15:13:39 1997 Added resnet to the top of my subtle list of links. Ryan did a wonderful job creating the site. I predict it will be most useful.

  • Fri May 16 15:52:39 1997 To mark the end of the spring semester, i added a quote Dave and I made up this week after i said, "the more i know, the more i know i don't know." And that is a good thing!

  • Mon Feb 10 17:00:00 1997 Creating the ccr user's guide! The first installment is based on a ccr conversation between Dave and Michael Littman this past saturday. To make a face for yourself is the title. Definitely more to come..

  • Tue Nov 12 10:36:54 1996 This revision page is no longer the first link on the page, and it's about as subtle as a link can get.

  • Mon Nov 11 1996 Looks like the Australians & New Zealanders have found me!

  • Tues Nov 5 1996 Added a link to dave's home page. He warned me that the crawlers would come after me now that he's linked to me, too.

    The heart was scanned by dave using PhotoShop on his PowerBook(with 36mb RAM). The metal object was a small gift from Maria at Futures to the staff upon her return from a trip to Columbia in 1995.