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1 Backup – extra slides

1.1 Why "Brain Fuck"?


Because it throws out everything about what we know is good about how to design a modern scheduler in scalability.

Because it's so ridiculously simple.

Because it performs so ridiculously well on what it's good at despite being that simple.

Because it's designed in such a way that mainline would never be interested in adopting it, which is how I like it.

Because it will make people sit up and take notice of where the problems are in the current design.

Because it throws out the philosophy that one scheduler fits all and shows that you can do a -lot- better with a scheduler designed for a particular purpose. I don't want to use a steamroller to crack nuts.

Because it actually means that more CPUs means better latencies.

Because I must be fucked in the head to be working on this again. I'll think of some more becauses later.