CS 429/529 Machine Learning

Machine Learning Generated Art (Project 4)

In a semester that was difficult to connect with each other and where individual expression had been relegated to the expansive ends of our couch, the 2020 Machine Learning class (cs 429/529) brings to you a collection of creative artworks. Each artwork was created/enhanced through Machine Learning techniques (e.g., style transfer), and represents something very personal to its creator: from hope to despair, humor, or melancholy. They are a reflexion of our times. Enjoy!

Acknowledgement: We thank the Department of Computer Science and the UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing for providing the computational resources used for this project.
Disclaimer: All images shown here are displayed only for education purposes under the Fair Use Doctrine. Credit has been given to the original authors whenever possible. The views and opinions expressed in the posters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the University of New Mexico.