I have been involved in outreach activities to attract and engage more women in STEM fields. I held positions in both, the CIS department and the College of Engineering of UD. My activities included administrating the websites as well as organizing luncheons, panels, and workshops.


  • CIS representative and co-Webmaster for the steering committee of Women in Engineering (WiE) at the University of Delaware. (2010 2012)
  • CIS-Graduate Student Association officer at the University of Delaware. (2009 2010)
  • CISters coordinator and Webmaster. CISters is a group of women in technology-related fields at the University of Delaware. (2008- 2012)
  • CISters mentor. Mentored students to submit funding proposals (2012-present)


CIS outside the BOX, workshop and video contest - 2012

I led a CISters initiative to retain and attract college-level women to the Computer Science major and other IT careers. This innitiative included a pilot workshop and contest of educational videos on introductory computer science (CS) topics. Through these activities we enabled freshman student teams to creatively design, role-play, and shoot short videos (5 min. each) that bring down to earth abstract concepts of CS and tie them up with fun and insightful real-life situations.


Benchmarking gender differences in Volunteer Computing - 2012

Look at the poster we presented at Grace Hopper 2012.

We conducted an open survey from October 2011 to July 2012 directed to the D@H volunteers. The primary objective of this survey is benchmarking current D@H volunteers to identify their demographics, preferences, and opinions with respect to our project. The final goal, however, is to obtain data that can inform the recruitment process in accordance with research-based practices for attracting diverse populations to computing and science.

Computer Science is much more than just about computers - 2009

Look at the poster we presented at the CIS research day in 2009.

We presented a poster at the CIS research day 09 to encourage women participation in the CIS field. Click on the thumbnail for the full sized poster.

There is a common misconception among women, that computer science is a narrow field that deals only with computer issues. We designed this poste to showcase the impact of computer science to very different fields. We also targeted women interests in helping people and/or doing a creative activity.

  • I designed this poster in collaboration with Amy Siu and Nisha Subramanian