Professor of Computer Science


For much of the last decade my research group focused on the study of mobile computing, with a special emphasis on the development of software systems and applications for mobile ad hoc wireless networks and wireless sensor networks. Our contributions include the introduction of coordination technology to ad hoc wireless networks, a formal model for the study and verification of mobile systems and protocols, and the first agent-based middleware for sensor networks.

Recent Projects

Gander -- a personalized search engine for the here and now (PDF) 
A collaboration with Christine Julien (UT Austin) and Jamie Payton (UNC Charlotte)

WiApps -- distributed wireless application development for pervasively connected environments (PDF) 
A collaboration with Chris Gill (Washington University in St. Louis)

Synopsis of Previous Research

Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Software(2005-2011)
Mobile Computing (1995-2005)
Program Visualization(1990-2000)
Formal Design Methods(1985-1995)
Early Work(1975-1985)


Recent publications have been concerned with the design of software instruments that enable rapid development of dependable software, particularly in novel settings such as the mobile and wireless domains.

Dissertations Supervised

Doctoral research is academic education at its very best:  a one-on-one apprenticeship that enhances knowledge of student and teacher alike; an intense effort motivated by a self-constructed vision; and a gradual refinement of taste and style in choosing problems and solution strategies. Of the twentyvdoctoral students supervised to date, most are pursuing successful research and academic careers of their own.

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