Lab 5c

Here's Lab 5c. Lab 5b isn't due yet, but 5c is being posted early for those of you who get finished early.


2009/10/26 10:13 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab 5b Examples

Here is some sample Lab 5b interaction so that you know what kind of output to expect.

2009/10/23 17:31 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab 5b



Here are some trace files for your simulator…


2009/10/21 10:18 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab 4 Solution

I have attached the expected 32-bit solution as well as the 64-bit on 32-bit machine solution. Note that in the 64-bit solution, we have a slightly simplified case of 64-bit division, since we can assume that the denominator, n+1, is 32 bits, and thus we can assume that the remainder is 32 bits as well.

2009/10/10 18:03 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab5a Examples

Here is some sample Lab 5a interaction. Note that your error messages can be different, but, when there is an error, you should have some sort of error message outputted to stderr and have your program exit with a nonzero exit code.


The POSIX standard for handling command line options is here: Utility Syntax Guidelines. Note that the getopt() function already does most of what you need to do, but your code will have to handle repeated options correctly. Also, you will need a small bit of code to check that you get all required options and that you have the correct number of operands (one, the trace file).

Here is an example trace, the one that I used above:

2009/10/10 14:08 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab 5a

This is part one of a three week lab on writing a cache simulator in C.

Note that the example turn in file name in the writeup has a *.S extension, but, for this one, you should naturally use *.c.


2009/10/07 12:17 · Jeffrey Knockel

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