Lecture notes for 10/5/09

Here are my notes for the lecture that I gave on 10/5/09.


2009/10/05 12:19 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab 4

If you've done Lab 3, then this one should be easy. We will be exploring recursion in MIPS with this lab.

lab4-updated.pdf (updated)

2009/09/28 10:12 · Jeffrey Knockel

GDB Cheat Sheet

I've attached a cheat sheet for GDB that should be useful for debugging in this class.


2009/09/14 21:21 · Jeffrey Knockel

Lab 2 Solution

Note that I've added some extra output. Check it out. If you can explain the output, then you're on your way to mastering IEEE754 floating point.


2009/09/14 20:01 · Jeffrey Knockel

MIPS o32 Calling Convention

Tomalesbay uses the MIPS o32 calling convention. I'm not sure what convention, if any, our textbook teaches, but I would recommend to not trust it. I've attached two files below. The first is a *.pdf that was distributed to last year's class. The second is a *.pdf that I wrote that goes over a few examples to further emphasize the first *.pdf. The latter shouldn't contradict the former, but, if it does, let me know.

Note that violating the calling convention won't necessarily mean that your program won't work. For grading purposes, you will be marked down for violating the convention, even if your program works.



2009/09/14 01:56 · Jeffrey Knockel

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