CS251L - Fall 2012

Intermediate Programming

Section 002

Jan Monterrubio

Email: janmonterrubio@gmail.com

Office: FEC 3rd Floor Lounge or (FEC 309)

Office Hours:

Wednesday 3 - 5 PM

Friday 2 - 4 PM

Full TA and Tutor Schedule

If these times don't work email me and I'll make sure you get the help you need.

General Information

Attendance to all labs is mandatory. If you will be unable to attend lab please contact me before class so we can come up with some form of make up work.

Your lab grade is based on quizzes and small programming assignments and is worth 15% of your final grade in CS251. Towards the end of the semester you will be working on projects assigned by Prof. Kelley during lab. Those projects are worth 45% of your final CS251 grade. So work you do in lab altogether makes up 60% of your grade for the course - DON'T SKIP LAB. Generally, there will be a small assignment in the lab that will be due at (Midnight - 1 min) + 7 days from when the lab is assigned. This should provide you with adequate time to complete them. I will try to post a solution to the lab once everyone has turned in their assignment OR after the due date has passed. Once the solution has been posted you can no longer recieve credit for that lab. Late labs will be accepted, up to one week tardiness, however the maximum amount of points you can receive for a late lab is 70%.

The lab assignments are (hopefully) designed to help with the topics you are learning in the lecture and provide guidance on the assignments from class. Also, they are a good way to practice your Java skills. If you find yourself having trouble on an assignment, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask for help. My Office hours will be W 3-5PM and F 2-4PM, and there will be a link on the page with Matthew's and My office hours, as well as the CS Tutoring schedule. If NONE of these hours are convenient for you, shoot me an email and we can arrange another time to meet. You can also send tutors an email at MAIL.

Note: Make sure you come to office hours in the first 15 minutes of each hour. If you do not arrive early we may not have time to help you.

Collaborating with your peers and using "teh interwebz" is allowed. However, if you do work with another person on an assignment you are both required to turn in seperate code AND each person must have who they worked with at the top of each file. Also, if you use the Internet make sure you correctly cite the code you are "borrowing" if you do not cite it is plagiarism and is a serious offense.

The week prior to Project Due Dates no lab will (hopefully) be assigned. Instead, you will be able to work on your Project and ask questions.

Note: Attendance will still be taken on these days. However, if you are finished with your Project and can show it to me before or during the lab you can leave early / be excused.

Attendance may be taken in various forms, including (but not limited to): quizzes, pre-lab assignments, attendance-sheet, POP quizzes, short-20-minute-lab-that-should-be-completed-in-lab-time