CS251L - Fall 2012

Intermediate Programming

Section 002

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Simple File Reader!

December 4th, 2012


This lab is the beginning of a 2 parter. In this first part, we will simply read from a file and display the text items in a list.

Files at the end



  1. Start by having private references to the following:
    • ListView listView
    • ArrayList<String> items
    • ArrayAdapter<String> adapter
  2. get the reference to list view
  3. instantiate items
  4. call the parseText() method . We will write this later
  5. instantiate adapter. Remember! this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, items.
  6. set adapter to notify data set change

parseText method

Scanner scanner = null
scanner = new Scanner(getAssets().open("todos.txt"));
}catch(Exception e){}


Once again, no submissions, only for your benefit

End Product